The Beer Buz VW Mobile Bars Shropshire

Beer Buz Shropshire have a number of mobile bar services each tailored for different venues and capacity.

The VW Mobile Bar

Add some ‘VW’ to your event. Our VW Mobile Bar is a 1991 VW T4 van, so is Funky, Retro, and still very stylish. We can dispense any draught product with up to 6 different products at any one time. Where location is a problem for many, The Beerbuz can go anywhere at any time with its unique self contained set up. Specialising in real ales, traditional organic fruit  ciders, we can even serve any draft larger extra cold or cider the choice is yours!!

The Hobson’s Runner

For large corporate events, festivals, country shows and more.
Fitted with 8 cask ales pulls and taps for cider and lager this can handle any capacity.

Bar Options

1. CHARGEABLE BAR : You pay just £250 to hire the bar as some of the weddings are further away etc so next year we will be charging a bit more. This includes equipment, and staff for the night and all of the stock is chargeable to your guests just like a normal pub bar, you pick the products if you want to, and we supply the guests and we tell you what the bar prices will be, this is all agreed in contracts signed by both parties before the event.

2. PREPAID BAR: this is where once again you can pick the products if you want to and you set a bar tab for your guests, this is paid before the event when the bar tab is reached you can simply raise the bar tab, or we can change to a chargeable bar. If the prepaid option is selected by you then the beer is offered at a reduced price!

3. FULLY STOCKED BAR we can also build a fully stocked bar into any venue

For weddings etc we can supply competitive prices for table wines etc and we can arrange your toast and glass hire, even supply some fantastic cocktails etc to give the full package on your special day or event.

Contact Garry or Hayley Now On 0330 100 5215